Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mothers' Day Challenge .....

..... over at Let's Craft and Create.

Here is my make to celebrate Mothers' Day ..... a baby board book:

Slighty too fat to close (just how I like them!):

Full of pockets and folders:

 And jam packed with embellishments, stickers and photo mats:
Please pop over to Let's Create and Craft and see all the other makes ..... grab a bit of inspiration while you are there!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Spring .....

..... makes me sing.  Well, those of you who have heard me actually sing will be relieved to know that it doesn't really but that I entered the Spring Makes Me Sing swap.

My swap partner was Gill from Dosie Rosie and here are the lovely, lovely goodies that she sent me:

 A chicken .... cute eh?  now hanging next to the bird house by my craft room window.

Ribbon and trimming .... I've got just the project for the pink lace edging.

Fabrics .... love them.  I think I shall be saving these for something special.

Buttons ..... I especially love the dog ones, I feel another Stanley coming on!

A tray cloth with appliqued bunting ..... too nice to use! 

There was chocoate too ..... but you know how it is, it didn't hang around long enough for the photo shoot.  And I'm sorry I can't show you how beautifully wrapped this was but I was having some work done upstairs and I couldn't get to my camera so given the choice of waiting and unwrapping, I choose unwrapping!

Thank you Gill :-)  I really do love it all!!

Saturday, 19 March 2011

a bit of crafting history .....

..... so, on Monday my friend from work phoned me to see if I wanted any craft books.  Silly question eh?  He came round after work and my hall floor looked like this when he'd finished unloading his car:

..... seven bin bags full of craft books, leaftlets and cuttings and a box full of miscellaneous craft bits.  Although I haven't gone through all of them yet I have found some fabulous stuff.  The oldest leaflet I have discovered so far is dated 1923:

Some fab stuff from the 1970s ..... who could resist making these?

..... or sewing these shirts?
..... or knitting matching sweaters for the whole family?

..... or doing a bit of embroidery?

..... or whipping up the latest dolly outfit?

..... aren't they great?  Since taking this batch of photos, I've found some other great books including "War Woollies for Women" and "Home Comforts for Sailers, Soldiers and Airmen". I've offered to knit something from one of these for Mr G but, to be honest, he didn't seem overly keen ;-)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

green .....

..... for the St Patrick's Day Challenge over at Lets Craft and Create.  

I decided to decorate a small (and rather cute) jam jar and fill with some coordinating magnetic pegs and a mini post it note pad.

Rather cute eh?  I'm thinking these will make lovely presents ..... so shall be making a few more in different colour ways.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

A Monthly Make - 2011 - March

Well, here is Stanley ... made for the Felt Fairy's 2011 Monthly Make ...

and, just to show you how very realistic he is, I took a photo of him next to Otis ...
There's loads of other great makes, including other Stanleys, over at the March Flickr Group

Sunday, 6 March 2011

These are a few .....

..... of my favourite things:

vintage fabric .... waiting for projects (and a quick run over with the iron!)

"accessory friday" at work ..... a new, weekly challenge to wear/bring/make an accessory .....home made corsages this week

Mo Manning digi art ..... printed out, ready to colour

buttons ..... sorted by colour, ready for the choosing!

things in rows, all lined up ..... is that a little odd?

stripes ..... and Otis (of course!)

and last, but not least, pink ..... and not just the colour ..... my favourite song just now ..... raise your glass