Monday, 22 June 2009

I've been working on .....

..... my garden. It all started when one of us (I think it was me!) had the genius idea to remove the large raised patio at the end of the garden ...... so we did. It took a week of rather hard labour (cunningly timed to coincide with half term so my boys did most of the work! And there it was gone, and left in its place was a largish flat patch that we were going to fill with a smaller patio.

And then one of us (I think it was me!) said "why don't we reshape the lawn into a circle or two, we could edge it in bricks and fill in around it with some slate chippings" ... so we did.

And then one of us (I think it was me) said "rather than have a second, smaller patio why don't we build a couple of raised beds so that we can grew vegetables?" ... so we did. I say we, Mr G built these and I can't begin to describe the trauma, even a shiny new drill didn't help very much. (If you look closely you can see where he had to "patch" one of them because the wood was so warped that the soil just fell out ....)

It's almost finished ... the lawns are almost edges (photos to follow) and the raised beds are built ... we're just waiting for the compost and the slate chippings and then, hopefully, nobody will come up with any other ideas!

The veggies that I've been growing in pots are all starting to come through .....

My second lot of chilli seedlings:

My strawberries:

My potatoes (in my old wheelie bin!):

And my all time favourites, peas:

I love my garden, hopefully I'll love it even more when we've finally finished it and I can spend more time crafting!