Sunday, 18 July 2010

what's in .....

..... a name?

A little competition for you - I'm in need of a new name.  I'm bored of "magic making hands" and I'm after something a little bit different.  Now, I'm not fickle, I've been "magic making hands" for the longest time.  But I've got a hankering for something else .... fancy helping?  Yes?  Well, here goes ....

I make loads of different things including (but not limited to):
  • scrapbooks, memory books and paper bag albums
  • hair accessories
  • brooches
  • jewellery
  • cards
  • party and wedding favours
  • decorated and filled jars and tins
  • sock roses
and a load of other stuff too!  You can check out my flickr pages and my MISI shop to see some of the things I make.  I need a name that describes all of this and a whole lot more!  Something that I can use on my MISI shop, my labels, my packaging .....

Now, what do you get for helping me I hear you ask .... well, here is a sneak peak at the prize:

If I select your suggested name, then you will win this original, one of a kind, paper bag album.  Just leave a comment on my blog with your suggestion for my new name and I will pick a winner on the 1st August. If there isn't a suggestion I feel I can use, then I will randomly select a "winner" to receive a small handmade gift from me.

I can't wait to hear your suggestions ...