Sunday, 18 July 2010

what's in .....

..... a name?

A little competition for you - I'm in need of a new name.  I'm bored of "magic making hands" and I'm after something a little bit different.  Now, I'm not fickle, I've been "magic making hands" for the longest time.  But I've got a hankering for something else .... fancy helping?  Yes?  Well, here goes ....

I make loads of different things including (but not limited to):
  • scrapbooks, memory books and paper bag albums
  • hair accessories
  • brooches
  • jewellery
  • cards
  • party and wedding favours
  • decorated and filled jars and tins
  • sock roses
and a load of other stuff too!  You can check out my flickr pages and my MISI shop to see some of the things I make.  I need a name that describes all of this and a whole lot more!  Something that I can use on my MISI shop, my labels, my packaging .....

Now, what do you get for helping me I hear you ask .... well, here is a sneak peak at the prize:

If I select your suggested name, then you will win this original, one of a kind, paper bag album.  Just leave a comment on my blog with your suggestion for my new name and I will pick a winner on the 1st August. If there isn't a suggestion I feel I can use, then I will randomly select a "winner" to receive a small handmade gift from me.

I can't wait to hear your suggestions ...


jms said...

thats a hard one, I'll put my thinking cap on and get back to you later.
joy xx

clare's craftroom said...

Thinking , thinking . Magic and more . More Magic . Magic Stuff .
I seem to like Magic in there but that's just me . Good luck , hope you find something you like .

Julia Guthrie said...

Here's a few.. I kept mainly with the 'magic' idea as that was clearly something you were orginally drawn to, but I've browsed your blog to see what you like. Hope some of these might inspire you! :)

Make Magick

Making Magic

Dandelion Crafts

Lolipop Crafts (Arts & Crafts)

Handcrafted Magic

Magick & Memories

Arts & Crafts Magic / Magick

jms said...

here I am back again, always like to start with anagrams so here are some of the ones that might fit, we have "younger snail" "syrian lounge" and "sunily orange", but then I thought of "ali's wonderland" so thats my suggestion.

hennie said...

I came up with
Magic Alley(magic Ali)
Practical Magic
Memories are made of this

Jodi said...

Here's some ideas:

Ali's Antics
Little Pieces of Me, Art by Ali
Ali's Alley
From My Heart (or Head) to your Hand
My Scrappy Life
Craft Junkie
Paper Junkie
Ali's Whimsey
Ali's Obsession
On a Whim
A-Muse Me....
Bellies Galore (embellishments)

Ok, that's it, I'm tapped out. ROFL!