Sunday, 17 April 2011

Hey Baby .....

..... a book for Joy.

 My friend Joy asked me to make a baby book for her (well, for her DIL, well not quite DIL but almost!) ..... so, here it is!

..... hope you like it!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A Monthly Make - 2011 - April

I really am enjoying the Monthly Makes - not just the making but the looking at what everyone else is making too!  

I've developed a bit of a "thing" for the circus fonts that are everywhere and so I decided to make a picture for my hallway using one of them.

I started off by printing the letter G (for my surname) as large as I could on A4 paper:
 Then I used tracing paper to square it off to make a cross stitch pattern:
Then I did a bit of cross stitch:
And ended up with this:
I just need to get it mounted and framed ... I'm thinking a white mount and a white frame ... rather swish, no?
Anyway, time to upload to the April Album - why not go and have a look at what everyone else has made?

Sunday, 3 April 2011

School Fayre .....

..... and catching up.

I had a stall yesterday at Broad Chalke School's Spring Fayre.  I haven't done any stalls since well before Christmas as I've been concentrating on personal projects and custom orders but one of my lovely friends was going to be selling Jamie At Home there along with her sister in law and they thought I'd like to have a stall too ... so I did!

Anyway, this turned into a lovely day out with the chance to catch up with some old friends and work colleagues and (fingers crossed that the interest in my books turns into orders!) a fairly successful event.

Now, no post about a craft fair would be complete without some pictures so here they are:

My stall - ignore all the clutter in the background .....
 A couple of close ups:

Gill's stall - The Perfect Patch:

Gill makes the most wonderful cushions, bags and patchwork, oh and knitted teddies and puppets  .....

And the two beautiful Jamie At Home ladies, Naomi and Mel:

Thanks ladies for a lovely time with lots of laughs .....