Thursday, 12 February 2009

Button it ....

I've been playing with my buttons this week ... much as I love just looking at them now that they are all sorted into colours I decided that it was about time I used some of them. I've been making button badges and I am absolutely hooked .... so quick, so easy and so utterly fabulous!!

I'm planning to make loads more but I do need a little bit more practice using superglue first .... I'm not the neatest of people and still haven't quite worked out not to wipe up superglue dribbles with my finger ....

Decorated pegs - definitely the way forward!! They are so cute, and a great way of using up all the "must have" embellishments that it turns out I didn't really want after all. Of course, no creation would be complete without some lovely Prima flowers.!! I put magnets on the back so that they can be used as memo holders on fridges etc .... and, what a relief, you don't need superglue to make them!!

I'm looking forward to making a whole lot more!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

art for ....

.... art's sake.

I've been in a really arty mood today, I think it is something to do with the low winter sun. This time of year when I come down to breakfast I am greeted by the sun reflecting off my dining room light and it makes a beautiful patterned band round the room.

You can see my Ikea clock in the first picture, which I finally got round to decorating this week:

Jack Devin and I made some art this afternoon, based on the work of Jackson Pollock, one of my favourite artists. JD wanted some canvas blocks to go with his newly decorated room - these were such good fun to make and I think they look great (although I think they are going to take forever to dry!!):

I've spent the afternoon in my craft room watching Diagnosis Murder and making notebooks - it doesn't get too much better than that!!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

snow days ....

.... and birthdays. Yesterday was Jack Devin's 12th birthday. Now, I might be horrified that my baby is growing up but he of course is mightily pleased! More so because it snowed so much that he had the day off school, his dad had the day off work and his brother had the day off college ..... I only work a short walk away from home so I missed out on a day off! Still, my boys made a snowman while I was at work and sent me some pictures.

I tried not to mind too much that they used some of my buttons for Mr Snowman's eyes. Of course, it was easy for them to choose just the right colour buttons as I have been industriously sorting my buttons into glass jars. I love having them on my window sill all ripe for the picking!! I'm not terribly happy with having to use coffee jars, but it's nothing that a trip to Ikea won't put right.

I've finally got back into my "craft groove" and have made a new bag book. It's called "Purple Funky" and will be available to buy from my MISI shop here.

I've also been making some bracelets with beads I got from ArtyMiss. I love the coloured pearls, they have an almost Victorian feel to them and I can't wait to get some more!!