Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Monthly Make - 2011

just sneaking in before the end of January ... my first monthly make!

One of my favourite blogs The Felt Fairy (I love this blog, partly because it turns out she lives on the site of the old mental asylum that my family has, er, close connections with) is running this - you can see some of the fab makes in the flickr group.

Here's mine:

a cute bouquet of sock roses .... now winging their way to a dear friend of mine .....


Zoe said...

How cool, they look fab.

Rachael said...

They're really good Ali...I know you have described them to me before but I'm glad I've now seen them.
Loving the new look to your Blog too.

Jean said...

Love the flowers!

You mentioned on my blog that we need another lunch!! I had suggested a coffee and cake meet up but as Marianne said, we would be staying for lunch anyway!! So shall I amend it to lunch on Saturday in February?
The Bear, Devizes 12.00?

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

omg! How fabulous are they! I love, love love them!!!

Sian said...

Oh, these are lovely - I've never seen this done before and I love it!