Tuesday, 1 September 2009

three of my favourite things .....

..... buttons, beach huts and badges.

I found a wonderful shop called Just Delights on a recent visit to Cornwall, it made my heart ache with all the wonderful, wonderful things on sale - I have the perfect spot in my home for each and every item that this shop sells. The website doesn't yet reflect what they have on sale, but I'm visiting it every day to double check and when it's up to date then I shall be buying like there is no tomorrow! I especially fell in love with their ceramic buttons, I didn't have as much time to choose as I really needed but I managed to select these little beauties:

I don't know what I shall use them on just yet but I'm sure there will be that special something that calls out for one of them, in the meantime I shall just keep looking at them :-)

We spent last week in Preston, near Torquay and it really is one of my favourite places to stay. I love seaside towns .... sitting by the harbour eating fish and chips, crabbing, crazy golf .... what more could you ask for? My dream is to have my very own beach hut for those lovely beachy days ... one like this would do:

I've been making some more bits and pieces to sell in my MISI shop, I'm still very taken with sewing on felt - I think this is because it is such a change from my usual papercrafting .... I made one of these to match a bright pink top of mine and once I'd started sewing them I just couldn't stop!!

I've had a bit of a destash and have listed some crafty bits and pieces for sale .... I need to make space before my craft room explodes!! :-)

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