Saturday, 19 March 2011

a bit of crafting history .....

..... so, on Monday my friend from work phoned me to see if I wanted any craft books.  Silly question eh?  He came round after work and my hall floor looked like this when he'd finished unloading his car:

..... seven bin bags full of craft books, leaftlets and cuttings and a box full of miscellaneous craft bits.  Although I haven't gone through all of them yet I have found some fabulous stuff.  The oldest leaflet I have discovered so far is dated 1923:

Some fab stuff from the 1970s ..... who could resist making these?

..... or sewing these shirts?
..... or knitting matching sweaters for the whole family?

..... or doing a bit of embroidery?

..... or whipping up the latest dolly outfit?

..... aren't they great?  Since taking this batch of photos, I've found some other great books including "War Woollies for Women" and "Home Comforts for Sailers, Soldiers and Airmen". I've offered to knit something from one of these for Mr G but, to be honest, he didn't seem overly keen ;-)


Saphy said...

wow lucky you! what a great haul!

Shoogly Beads said...

Good Lord...where did it all come from...???!!!

dosierosie said...

You have got some great friends, I love old craft books etc I have quite a lot and some of the pictures are amazing.

ScottishPrincess said...

I always wanted a natural Arran sweater like those ones. My mum knitted me cardigans in khaki green and bright red and a jumper in blue. She once started to knit a jumper in natural Arran. She got half way through the back and put it away. I dug out the half knitted back and persuaded her to try and finish it but she had LOST THE PATTERN! I was gutted and have never got over it. :o(