Saturday, 26 March 2011

Spring .....

..... makes me sing.  Well, those of you who have heard me actually sing will be relieved to know that it doesn't really but that I entered the Spring Makes Me Sing swap.

My swap partner was Gill from Dosie Rosie and here are the lovely, lovely goodies that she sent me:

 A chicken .... cute eh?  now hanging next to the bird house by my craft room window.

Ribbon and trimming .... I've got just the project for the pink lace edging.

Fabrics .... love them.  I think I shall be saving these for something special.

Buttons ..... I especially love the dog ones, I feel another Stanley coming on!

A tray cloth with appliqued bunting ..... too nice to use! 

There was chocoate too ..... but you know how it is, it didn't hang around long enough for the photo shoot.  And I'm sorry I can't show you how beautifully wrapped this was but I was having some work done upstairs and I couldn't get to my camera so given the choice of waiting and unwrapping, I choose unwrapping!

Thank you Gill :-)  I really do love it all!!


dosierosie said...

my pleasure and the same goes for the things you sent me.

Rachael said...

What lovely goodies to have received. I too like the dog shaped buttons and the fabrics and oh that chicken!