Monday, 2 March 2009

I grew this .....

I'm not great with plants, I forget to look after them. So I was really pleased with this amyrilis that I've grown. I say "grown" but all actually I did was water the bulb that was already planted in a pot .... but I did manage not to killl it so I guess I can take some pride in that!

I'm also rather proud of my latest set of felt badges - they have a real "1970s" feel to them. The colours remind me of some stretchy fabric seat covers that used to be in some of the offices where I work ....

I've also been making more zippers - these are great for putting on school fleeces (makes them easier to find in the after school scrum!) or on pencil cases ..... in fact they can go on anything that is crying out for that special dangly something!!

Cute eh? I think these may be my latest addiction now that I've got decorated pegs out of my system!!

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