Thursday, 24 February 2011

Stealing a neat idea .....

..... and sharing an excellent giveaway!

I've just found (another) fab blog to follow - and saw this list (and thought I could steal the idea for a quick, mid week bloggy upate) so I here is my own version of it:
  • listening to - Lily Allen singing "straight to hell"
  • eating - nothing just now but looking forward to a lovely dinner cooked by Mr G
  • drinking - sparkling mineral water
  • wearing - jeans, dress and fluffy slipper boot things
  • feeling - inspired .... been blog hopping again!
  • weather - mild and sunny
  • wanting - to finish crochet flowers to adorn my cushions (long story, involving the word "practical" in a description of my house ...  practical?  neat, yes and ordered, yes but practical?  it sounds so, well, practical. ...and who wants to live in a practical house?)
  • needing - more hours in the day
  • enjoying - time in my craft room :-)
And whilst I was on this lovely blog, I spied this very lovely  giveaway and I do love a nice giveaway!

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