Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Monthly Make - 2011 - May

I've been busy making things to make my "practical" house less, well, practical .... and here they are:

Crochet cushions ... well one to be precise, but there is another on the way!  I love this cushion and it was so quick to make!  You can't see it very well in the photo, but it's lined with bright pink cotton so that is matches better with my stripey cushions.

And a lovely, little, buttony curtain for my downstairs toilet ..... nothing too "practical" in this photo eh?  This curtain started off as a shower curtain, I loved the almost dandelion patterns on it ..... and the bargain price of £2.00 from a charity shop!

Please don't forget to have a look at  the Flickr group and see what everyone else is up to this month!


Anonymous said...

I love that cushion! x

Rachael said...

Love the cushion Ali! Great idea for the window dressing too....nice work as always.

FairlyGirly said...

Very pretty cushion, I have admired several recently and tempted to give it a go myself!

uhooi said...

The work is very good and creative,,

dosierosie said...

fantastic cushion.