Monday, 10 November 2008

and even busier .....

.... my whole world has turned into making things for craft fairs, pamper parties and home sales ..... I love it!! This weekend, the boys were out pretty much the whole time, playing rugby or working and so I had the house pretty much all to myself. I didn't leave the house at all but, to check I wasn't going stir crazy, my friend Janet came round on Sunday afternoon. I roped her into helping me get my prices sorted, I am totally useless when it comes to deciding how much I should be selling for.

I did get 40 more Christmas cards made along with a load of zig-zag tag books. I've never made these before and I was very impressed by how quick they are to make. Here are some of the ones that I made:I really like the holiday themed one (the blue and orange one right in the middle) but I think my favourite is the pink girly one on the left.
I love this picture - it almost looks like it was a sunny day .... the truth is it was raining really heavily. Anyway, this is the inside of the girly zig-zag book.

My first sale is 12th November at a local bar, they are having a "ladies evening" and I'm having a stall along with my dear friend Vanessa. Vanessa is a very talented dressmaker specialising in bespoke wedding dresses - have a look at some of her creations here - but she also makes fabulous handbags and tooth fairy cushions amongst a whole host of other wonderful things.

I'm still hoping to make a lot more before Monday, including some more zig-zag books, perhaps another mini bag book or two and some earrings ..... if I'm lucky I may get to sleep somewhere along the way!

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