Friday, 21 November 2008

a sneaky peak ....

.... at my craft room

I found a blog this week that has the most wonderful picture of, well, the most wonderful craft rooms and I don't mind saying that each and every one of them made me rather jealous! Now, I know I am lucky to have a craft room .... but we've only been in the house a couple of years and getting my room "just so" hasn't been high on the list of priorities. Anyway, I have spent hours and hours tidying and reorganising and thought I'd post a picture of two:This is some of my ribbon storage, it was originally a towel rack that was in my en-suite but I decided that it would have a happier time holding my yummy ribbons! I hope you can see what a beautiful pink colour that wall is!! It's the only pink wall in the house .... but that's what you get for having boys I suppose.This is where I sit to work, the desk goes under the window which looks out onto the back garden. If you look carefully at the top of the photo you will see my beautiful sequinned slippers (never worn!) and the first pair of jelly shoes that each of my boys had ..... also at the top of those cube shelves is a wedding photo of me and Devin.

That rail thing on the right all of my tools that I use everyday are in the white pots (from Ikea of course) ..... there is a lot of Ikea stuff in here :-) The boxes on the desk hold mostly tags, there are also tags hanging on the smaller rail .... I do have a "thing" for tags!

Most of my papers are in these drawers, divided into colours. I keep my smaller sheets in these, and any paper that has been cut up .... smaller pieces that I can use for punchies are put in zip lock bags. That plastic box on the top has my current "favourite" sets of papers, the ones that I need to be able to get my hands on quickly! My 12x12 papers are awaiting a special storage area, at the moment they are in pizza boxes. These drawers are right next to my desk - so on top of them are the two things I use the most, my bind-it-all and my sizzix. Even though I have a craft robo, the sizzix is still my favourite cutting machine!
This is how I organise my embelishments .... there are two rows of these plastic boxes. The back row contains more of the bigger boxes, this front row is mostly smaller ones. They are sorted by "theme" - each big box has stickers, rub downs and larger embelishments .... each smaller box has brads or buttons or charms etc. On the right of these boxes are my four boxes of flowers.

So that's a quick tour of some of my stuff .... I'm hoping for some custom built shelving and a laminate floor in the not too distant future!

I thought I'd finish with a photo of my stall from one of the recent craft fairs .... I need to get some proper stands for some of my items ... but on the whole I was very pleased with how things looked.

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Jodi said...

Ali, I'm so glad you shared this peek inside your space. How wonderful! I love it...!